Body Piercing/Modification


The subject of DIY body modification is one that has turned out a heated debate for as many years as regulated professionals have been working in the industry. Some say "never ever do it yourself, have a professional punch holes in your skin", and others say "piercings for everyone, regardless of skill level". My personal stance is: "you have to learn somehow". Whether it's having willing skin (friends) to get some jewelry in to perfect a technique you learned, or self-piercing to get a feel (mind the pun) for the work, either way it's a 100% hands-on job, and not one you can learn by only watching others. Practicing on grapefruit is pretty good, but it's not a substitute for getting down to the nitty gritty as soon as you're able. Just remember your three E's, kids: Education, Experience and Equipment!

Here's how you can get started in the body piercing field in a very DIY fashion.
          ( the anti-DIY piercing argument )

4 Instructionals until the LADYADA sponsored contest!


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